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How Much Do Bricklayers Make?

A common question we see being asked regarding bricklaying as a career in the construction industry is: how much do bricklayers make? So, we thought we would answer it as best we can for you!

According to Jobted (2022) the average salary for a bricklayer is £31,800 gross per year. The lower end of the scale is £22,500 and the higher end of the scale can exceed £50,000. How much do bricklayers make in terms of hourly rate averages out at around £13.80 an hour, but again, this varies depending on the company and situation. It truly depends on how fast and how well the bricklayer can lay brick. Our subcontractors are on price work, other bricklayers can be books in.

To put it simply, there are endless earning opportunities with a career in bricklaying – the sky is quite literally the limit. Whether you work independently, or for a subcontractor, how much bricklayers make depends on bricklaying ability and speed.

And although bricklaying is a male dominated industry with around 99% of bricklayers being male and only 1% female (Jobted, 2022), we would encourage people of all genders to join the trade. This trade is high in demand because there seems to be a shortage of fully qualified bricklayers in the UK with TheDIYFix (2022) stating that around 68% of small to medium sized construction companies are struggling to find bricklayers.

At SLBC Ltd, we truly believe that a career in bricklaying can transform lives. Learning a trade is beneficial to yourself but also to the country as a whole. Work as a bricklayer is usually very steady, as houses and buildings will always need to be built. However, in Scotland, work can be weather dependent, for example, if it is too rainy or too cold (below 2 degrees Celsius) you may not be able to lay brick. Yet, there is always the opportunity for overtime on evenings or weekends too, so don’t let this put you off!

As we discussed in our ‘What Does a Bricklayer Apprentice Do?’ blog, becoming a bricklayer takes time and effort, and you must achieve a qualification before being able to get on the tools on site. But it is a very achievable and financially rewarding career choice. So, if you fancy a career in an industry with uncapped earning potential bricklaying may just be for you! Read more about what it means to become a CIS subcontractor here.

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