a man's hands laying brick on to a wall with a blue sky background

How Much Do Bricklayers Make?

What is bricklaying and how much do bricklayers make? Bricklaying is a profession undertaken by bricklayers working in the construction industry. In simple terms bricklaying is the activity of constructing walls and buildings with bricks and mortar. It is closely related to stone masonry.  The stage of a bricklayer’s career will determine how much money
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A picture of construction workers standing on a scaffold with the sky in the background

Why bricklayers are important 

Why are bricklayers important? Bricklayers are important for a vast number of reasons. At a macroeconomic level, the UK economy relies on the buying and selling of property. The construction industry facilitates the buying and selling of property by employing bricklayers to build.  Bricklayers, along with many other skilled trades onsite, bring building plans from
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