What is a bricklayer profile, what is it used for and why do bricklayers use them? Let’s take a deeper look!

To put it simply, a bricklayer’s profile is a tool which removes the need for a bricklayer to build up a corner first, they can be used on both internal and external corners and can also be used for building along the line or wall. Profiles are usually made from light-weight aluminium and can be purchased as a set online or made to order.

At SLBC, our director kept seeing profile sets on site and decided to do some research on how effective they were; he found that our subcontractors had been missing a trick without them! So, we found a contact who custom-builds profile sets with clamps for us, which have become considerably popular with our bricklayers, changing the way many of them work.

A picture showing a profile set: extra long aluminium profile, dutch pins clamps, corner blocks and line.
The components of a Bricklayer Profile Set


A bricklayer’s profile features markings for bricks i.e., in 75mm, 150mm and 225mm increments, making it easy to use with brick, stone and block; this can really help those who struggle with arithmetic when building. It’s also helpful in keeping your brick, block or stonework perfectly plumb which can also be difficult when starting out as a bricklayer, thus why we would recommend them so highly. And for experienced bricklayers, rate of production and quality of work is exponentiated with the use of bricklayer’s profiles, with one of our subcontractors Lee saying:

“Since using the profile kit, work has been done far faster than before, production has really sped up, they are great tool for bricklayers.”

Lee Hamilton, Bricklayer

The feedback we get from our bricklayers is that building with profiles is faster and more efficient, as a result, we have encouraged more of our subcontractors to start using them! So, don’t just take it from us, take it from our guys who are out there using them every day! Please note: our subcontractors do use a stabiliser set alongside the profiles which can be seen in the picture below.

Stabiliser Set which complements Profile Set