How Long Does Mortar Take to Dry?

What is mortar? Mortar is a type of bonding agent used by bricklayers and stonemasons in the construction industry. In this blog we’re answering the question: how long does mortar take to dry? Mortar has been used throughout history for thousands of years. It was used by the ancient Egyptians, and the Roman and Ottoman
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a man's hands laying brick on to a wall with a blue sky background

How Much Do Bricklayers Make?

What is bricklaying and how much do bricklayers make? Bricklaying is a profession undertaken by bricklayers working in the construction industry. In simple terms bricklaying is the activity of constructing walls and buildings with bricks and mortar. It is closely related to stone masonry.  The stage of a bricklayer’s career will determine how much money
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A picture of a bricklayers hat in front of a rainy background

What Do Bricklayers Do When It Rains?

What Do Bricklayers Do When It Rains? In Scotland, our bricklayers face an inordinate amount of rain thanks to our geographical location. A commonly asked question is what bricklayers do when it rains? Especially when most of their work takes place outdoors. As a bricklaying contractor company in Ayrshire, the rain is no stranger to
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A picture of construction workers standing on a scaffold with the sky in the background

Why bricklayers are important 

Why are bricklayers important? Bricklayers are important for a vast number of reasons. At a macroeconomic level, the UK economy relies on the buying and selling of property. The construction industry facilitates the buying and selling of property by employing bricklayers to build.  Bricklayers, along with many other skilled trades onsite, bring building plans from
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A Day in the Life of an Apprentice Bricklayer

A Day in the Life of an Apprentice Bricklayer This week, we caught up with Liam McHugh, one of our first-year adult apprentices, currently undertaking the two year NVQ Level 2 in Trowel Occupations course via Competence Matters. Liam has been with SLBC Limited since March 2021, starting as a bricklayer’s labourer before embarking on
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What is a Bricklayer Profile?

WHAT IS A BRICKLAYER PROFILE? What is a bricklayer profile, what is it used for and why do bricklayers use them? Let’s take a deeper look! To put it simply, a bricklayer’s profile is a tool which removes the need for a bricklayer to build up a corner first, they can be used on both
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How to become a bricklayer – UK

Are you fresh out of school, college or just looking for a career change? Bricklaying could be for you. Becoming a skilled tradesman can be an excellent career choice which sets you up for life. There are endless opportunities within the construction industry. You can be employed by a company or work for yourself as
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Bricklayer Training at SLBC Ltd

Bricklayer Training at SLBC Ltd The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recently reported that since 2016/17, fatal injuries within the construction industry have risen 8.3%, with 50% of those fatalities due to falling from heights (Hertstools, 2022). Subsequently, health and safety processes, procedures and training are absolutely paramount to the everyday running of our business,
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Commonly Used Bricklaying Tools

Commonly Used Bricklaying Tools Good quality bricklaying tools are essential for bricklayers to complete their work to high standard. So, we thought we would share our essential bricklaying tools that we believe every bricklayer’s toolbox should have! Brick Trowel This goes without saying, every bricklayer needs a good brick trowel and they come in many
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