How Long Does Mortar Take to Dry?

HOW LONG DOES MORTAR TAKE TO DRY? WHAT IS MORTAR? “Mortar is a bonding agent which is generally produced by mixing cementing or binding material (lime or cement) and fine aggregate (sand, surki, sawdust, etc.) with water.” – Civil Engineering. Here at SLBC Ltd, Mortar is our best friend… Being bricklayers, we couldn’t really go
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What is a Bricklayer Profile?

WHAT IS A BRICKLAYER PROFILE? What is a bricklayer profile, what is it used for and why do bricklayers use them? Let’s take a deeper look! To put it simply, a bricklayer’s profile is a tool which removes the need for a bricklayer to build up a corner first, they can be used on both
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Commonly Used Bricklaying Tools

Commonly Used Bricklaying Tools Good quality bricklaying tools are essential for bricklayers to complete their work to high standard. So, we thought we would share our essential bricklaying tools that we believe every bricklayer’s toolbox should have! Brick Trowel This goes without saying, every bricklayer needs a good brick trowel and they come in many
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