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What it means to be a CIS Subcontractor

What it Means to be a CIS Subcontractor SLBC Ltd are a Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Subcontractor (CIS Subcontractor) and limited company. This means that we are subcontracted by principal contractors in the construction industry to carryout brickwork for large developments across the country. As SLBC Ltd carries out construction work for many different contractors,
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Fundraising for The Beatson Glasgow

This year, SLBC has chosen to fundraise on behalf of the Beatson Glasgow Cancer Charity. Choosing a cause to fundraise for can be difficult as there are so many important issues in our society which require financial backing and support. But for us, the Beatson Cancer Charity became a cause closer to SLBC Ltd’s heart
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CSCS Card Types Used at SLBC Ltd

CSCS Card Types Used at SLBC Ltd  Since 1995, the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) Card has become a mandatory within the construction industry. The CSCS card works as an entry token to construction sites up and down the UK and there are many different CSCS Card types. The card provides certified identification to the
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Construction Health and Safety at SLBC Ltd

Construction Health & Safety at SLBC Ltd Prioritising Construction Health and Safety for us a bricklaying contractor is one of the most important elements of running our business successfully. The construction industry is multifaceted with many trades working together on site every day. As such, health and safety training and upskilling become paramount to every
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