CSCS Card Types Used at SLBC Ltd 

Since 1995, the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) Card has become a mandatory within the construction industry. The CSCS card works as an entry token to construction sites up and down the UK and there are many different CSCS Card types. The card provides certified identification to the individual in terms of their level of competence to carry out work and is an extremely important piece of documentation which helps ensure the safety of those working on a construction site, by proving they are experienced enough to do so. Depending on the qualifications gained and calibre of the individual, they can apply for more than one CSCS card. In total there are twelve different CSCS Card types of 7 different colours:

CSCS Card Types

  • Green CSCS Card – Construction Site Operative/Labourer
  • Blue CSCS Card – Skilled Worker
  • Blue CSCS Card – Craft Unit Level
  • Gold CSCS Card – Skilled Worker
  • Gold CSCS Card – Supervisor
  • Gold CSCS Card – Advanced Craft
  • Black CSCS Card – Senior Manager
  • White CSCS Card – Construction Related Occupation (CRO)
  • White CSCS Card – Professionally Qualified Person CSCS Card
  • Yellow CSCS Card – Regular Visitor
  • Red CSCS Card – Trainee for Craft and Operative
  • Red CSCS Card – Trainee for Technical, Supervisory and Management
  • Red CSCS Card – Graduate (Technical, Supervisory and Management)
  • Red CSCS Card – Experienced (Technical, Supervisory and Management)

These cards are used by many trades across the construction industry, any construction-related occupation mandates the application and obtaining of a CSCS Card, not just bricklayers. As a subcontractor, we work hard to ensure 100% of our workforce holds a CSCS Card as those who do not hold an up-to-date card are not allowed on site, and rightfully so. Ensuring our work force is 100% CSCS Card certified aids our ability to keep those who work with and for SLBC safe whilst working on construction sites. The CSCS Cards that are most relevant to the SLBC workforce are:

Green CSCS Card – Construction Site Operative/Labourer

This card is for basic site or non-specific skills. An example of who would obtain this card at SLBC Ltd would be all of our labourers. This card, although non-specific in terms of site skills, is still an extremely important card to obtain, showing the site management that you have the basic knowledge and skill to work safely and efficiently on site.

To obtain a Green CSCS card you must firstly demonstrate to an employer proof of competence to carry out the job. After this you must take and pass the Health, Safety and Environment test for Operatives. This test costs £22.50 and requires a pass rate of 90%, therefore you need to answer 45 questions of 50 correctly to pass. Once you have passed this test, you can then apply for your green CSCS card which costs around £36.00 and is then valid for five years.

Blue CSCS Card – Skilled Worker

This card is for skilled workers who can prove they have sufficient training and qualifications to carry out the job. Sufficient qualifications/training to apply for this card include: a Level 2 NVQ or SVQ, or after the completion of an employer-sponsored apprenticeship. Many of our bricklayers carry this card after completing an apprenticeship with us here at SLBC Ltd; it will depend on your employer and your level of experience which route to take in relation to any apprenticeship. Read more about bricklaying apprenticeships here.

Regardless, before obtaining a Blue Skilled Worker’s CSCS Card, you will need to obtain the relevant and sufficient qualifications. Again, this card is valid for five years and should be renewed before it expires.

Gold CSCS Card – Skilled Worker

This card is for highly skilled trades people, but for those who have completed a 4-year apprenticeship, after being at college for four years. Additionally, people who have obtained this card must have achieved at least an SVQ or NVQ Level 3 Award with Advanced Craft Certification in a construction-related environment. Once you have obtained a Gold Skilled Worker CSCS Card, it is valid for 5 years.

If you do not meet the above qualification requirements, you would look to obtain a Blue Skilled Worker CSCS Card. The Gold card costs £36.00, and again you will need to sit the Health, Safety and Environment Test for Operatives when applying for or renewing the card.

Gold CSCS Card – Supervisor

The Gold CSCS Supervisor Card is slightly different to the Gold Skilled Worker Card, in that the fixed qualification requirements to obtain this card are an NVQ/SVQ Level 3 for Occupational Work Supervision or a construction-related subject at a supervisory or technical level, or an NVQ/SVQ Level 4 for a construction-related subject at a supervisory or technical level.

In short, to obtain this card you must secure a pass in the CITB HS&E Test, alongside the completion of a supervisory SVQ or NVQ.

Red CSCS Card – Trainee for Craft and Operative

The Red Trainee CSCS Card represents both Trainees for Craft and Operative purposes. To qualify for this card, you must be operating as a trainee and have been previously registered for a NVQ, SVQ or relevant construction qualification, however, you would only use this card until you achieved a Level 2 or Level 3 NVQ or SVQ.

Thus, the Red Trainee CSCS card is only valid until you have completed one of these qualifications, then you would apply for the corresponding card for your occupation, level of skill and experience.

Featured Blog Image Credit: Rodolfo Quirós