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Meet Our Bricklaying Apprentices!

In this blog post will be highlighting some of our fantastic Bricklaying Apprentices. These gentlemen are the workforce of the future and work extremely hard in all conditions every day to an exceptionally high standard. You can read more about what bricklaying apprentices do here.  First is our youngest apprentice, Liam Rhodes. Liam started with SLBC Ltd in 2017 and is now in his fourth year of his Apprenticeship; making fantastic progress every day!

Liam Rhodes Apprentice

Liam Rhodes

Liam is nearing the end of his bricklaying apprenticeship and was working on our Keepmoat Development at Sighthill, known as Northbridge one of the largest urban regeneration projects of its kind outside London. 

And as Liam progresses on to become a qualified bricklayer after his Skills Development Scotland Test, we are wishing Liam all the very best and every success in your future career with us at SLBC Ltd.

Scott Innes

Our next apprentice in the spotlight is Scott Innes. Scott has been with us at SLBC for a few years now. Scott started his modern apprenticeship in February of 2020, literally as Covid-19 closes our industry for 3 months. A frustrating halt to progress for Scott, but nothing that could not be caught up on as the industry opened again in July.

Resilience is a key skill which is demonstrated by all our hardworking Apprentices, but especially Scott, with being ready to pick back up the tools and learn again as soon as it was possible; patience was a virtue! Another competent, capable and quality tradesman that will only bring more positive contribution to the construction industry. All the best from us at SLBC Ltd.

David Sichi Apprentice

David Sichi

Next in our SLBC Apprentice Spotlight Blog is David Sichi. David started with SLBC a few years ago as a Labourer. This year David decided to change his path within the construction industry and take on a Modern Apprenticeship here at SLBC Ltd. A modern apprenticeship provides an excellent opportunity for David to learn the trade whilst working onsite.

David is testament to the fact that the sky is the limit within our industry, and that taking a different path can be a fantastic opportunity and one not to be missed when it arises!  Soon David will be a time-served bricklayer and we are ecstatic to have been a part of his journey from Labourer to Quality Bricklayer. We hope you join us in wishing David every success in moving forward with his apprenticeship.

Jon Lyle Apprentice

Jon Lyle

Last, but by no means least, we would like to introduce Jon Lyle, who has only been with us for a short while at SLBC Ltd and is in the early stages of his modern apprenticeship on our Keepmoat Homes, Northbridge Site; a perfect place to begin your journey as an apprentice.

Jon works closely with his team on the tools to reach common goals whilst working towards a qualification in Bricklaying – it is the best of both worlds and something we encourage wherever possible. Also, being a family business, it is always great to have family members on board! Jon, we hope the rest of your apprenticeship goes smoothly and is a qualification that you enjoy working towards.